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NETELLER - An Online Deposit Method

Neteller is the most commonly used payment method for depositing online to casinos, poker rooms, sports books and bingo halls and is said to be the safest. When you sign up for a Neteller account at, prepared to be put through some rigorous security measures. This is not meant to deter you from joining but ensures that you will have a safe and secure environment when you transfer funds to an online gaming establishment.

Neteller will ask for your social security number or the number used to identify you and will ask questions that only you will know. You will receive a telephone call after signing up to make sure it is indeed you that are opening the account. After the security measures are done, you will be able to add your bank account. Neteller will then make a micro deposit into your account and you must go online after the deposit is made to enter that amount onto the site. From then on, you'll be able to either fund Neteller with your bank account, or fund the gaming site directly avoiding the fees.

Neteller also lets you deposit via a credit card whilst there is a small fee involved to do so. Many gaming establishments are paying the Neteller fees so that you'll use this method. If you charge back for an unauthorized transaction, Neteller will not make the gaming establishment responsible but they will have an internal collections department attempt to retrieve the funds if the transaction was legally authorized.

Neteller is safe, easy to use and most of the places online accept it.

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NETELLER is an online payment processor

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